Institute for Development and Policy Research

Wolaita Sodo University
Institute for Development and Policy Research

Motto: Knowledge and Wisdom shall Impact Development

The Institute for Development and Policy Research is a multidisciplinary platform for collecting micro and macro level development data, generating robust evidence, informing policy and reviewing performance at local, national and global sphere. Since development challenges and opportunities are multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary and also transnational, there is an emerging need for diverse scientific insights and perspectives. Thus, the contemporary thinking on development solutions stays on complementary of evidence based views and perspectives to solve a development problem or to draw on an available opportunity. To this end, The Institute will stretch its service to problem solving development and policy researches and connect all its knowledge and wisdom to economic, social, cultural and political set up. The Institute will design innovative graduate program curricula for producing scholars in development studies where there dissertation researches will support the mission of the Institute.

Objectives of the Institute
The main objectives of the Institute are as follows:
1. To promote multi-, trans- and inter-disciplinary research on human development issues;
2. To provide demand based short term capacity building training;
3. To offer consultancy services for government and the private sector;
4. To disseminate research results to the scientific community and public policy makers and practitioners; and
5. To organize fora of dialogue/debate and seminar series on national and regional policy issues; and
6. To offer graduate programs

Mission and Vision
The purpose of IDPR is to initiate and execute poverty reduction and development policy research with a view to generating in-depth knowledge in social, economic, political and environmental development challenges of Ethiopia and the world at large, thereby influencing public policy and supporting the development goals of the country. It also aims at producing efficiently qualified human power that is frontiers in the poverty reduction and development demands of the country. IDPR has a vision of becoming a center of excellence dedicated to generating evidence-based knowledge that would impact public policy formulation and meaningfully contribute to the development goals of the country.
Major Activities of the Institute
The institute involves in wide range of activities which fall under the two pillars namely, research and academic affairs. The detailed list of activities of the institute includes conducting research, disseminating research findings, offering selected post graduate level studies (up on the approval of WSU senate), providing short-term training and undertaking consultancy services.

Tagesse Abo Melketo (PhD)
Director, IDPR, WSU
Tell: +251912033352