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     CALL OPENS: APRIL 03, 2021
This Call for Research project proposals is annually announced by WSU-RCSVP office as per the annual call for research project
               Funding and Resources
This Project grant support will be for WSU academic staffs under the office of the VPRCS to conduct/implement research
projects in the focus areas (as per MoSHE differentiation study report, July 2020) and catchment areas of WSU.
How to Apply:-
All applicants should directly apply through university webpage or Or
REQUIRED QUALITY ELEMENTS:- Eligibility for the fund
A project proposal which is/are submitted by WSU academic staffs should demonstrate all of the following criterions:-
Research projects should be thematic in nature and aligned with the under mentioned focus areas of WSU
It should be applied research that deepen understanding and stimulate/generate knowledge
It should be as part of local and national agenda, focus on learning about adapting, utilizing & transferring technologies
Researches leading to new innovation, to be commercialized and changed to business shall be given due attention
Due attention should also be given to research projects linked with business and industries
For the sack of management, the number of project members should not exceed more than six
Projects that are focusing on exploring Indigenous Knowledge are encouraged
The final out-put should be published on Scopus, Web of Science or PubMed indexed; or journals accredited by MoSHE
Identified Focus Areas of Research Projects for 2021/22
1. Agriculture and Agro-Industry
Fishery and Aquatic Resources Development
Food security and safety, Value chain, Food processing and value adding
Climate Change and Sustainable Development
Agricultural Biotechnology and Agro-industry
Plant and Animal Production and Protection
Natural Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection
Animal Diseases, Veterinary Services, Zoonosis, Global OH, Animal welfare
2) Engineering and Technology
ICT, AI and Technology
University-Industry linkage and TT
Hydropower, Irrigation, Geothermal and Solar Energy; Development Projects
3) Humanities
Cultural Studies, Anthropology and Sociology
Tourism, Industry and Investment
Language, Linguistics and Communication Studies
History, Archeology and Heritage Management
Environment and Development
Law, Good Governance, Peace, Security and Conflict Management
Human Development, Psychosocial Wellbeing, Mental Health
Quality Education, Educational Leadership and Curriculum Development
Business, Finance and Economics issues
4) Geology, Mining and Natural Resource Management
Geology and mining
Natural Resource Management and Environment
Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences
Science, Technology and Innovation
5) Human Health
Quality Health Services and Pharmacy Practice
Reproductive Health
Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases
Nutrition and Health Care Financing for Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
6) Emerging and Cross cutting issues
COVID- 19, Gender, HIV/ AIDS, climate change, special need education
Endangered indigenous language, culture and asset studies
Indigenous knowledge, Medicinal plants and modern practices
Award Information:
Project Screening and Selection: As per WSU-RCSTT Directives (January, 2018)
Proposal Submission:
Research project proposals should be submitted via the Internet ( or Or Email to: between April 03 and June 07, 2021 (due by 11:00 Ethiopian time). Applicants should
complete the proposal forms by following the online uploading instructions and outlines for the fund. After online
submission, applicants should get notification for their submission.
Please read carefully the eligibility criteria and the guidelines for research project proposal write-up given uploaded on the webpage mentioned
above. Then, fill out the application form accordingly. The failure in obeying the given formats may disqualify your proposal from funding.
If you have any inquiries, please contact:
1. Dr.Eyob Eshetu, Director, Research Affairs Directorate; Email:; Mobile: 0913028538
2. Mr.Tinsay Hailu, Officer, Research Facilities Management; Email:; Mobile: 0910295374
You can also contact your respective colleges/schools Associate Vice Dean