Call for Thematic Research Proposals-2019/20
The Office of Director for Institute of Development and Policy Research, WSU, hereby announces a call for thematic research proposals for possible funding.
The research proposals should:
• Be in line with the contemporary research priority areas of the Institute;
• Have an overarching goal which would influence national /regional policy direction;
• Be multi-disciplinary extending across more than one department/college/School,
• Incorporate at least three sub-themes / research units and components addressing different aspects of a common problem;
• Address a national priority problems and demands:
• Should extend from knowledge/wisdom innovation to dissemination strategies:
• Should involve stakeholders, industry and end-users; and
• Should incorporate at least a PhD and /or master’s thesis topics.

Thematic Areas
Project under this call will address one or more of the following IDPR-2019/20contemporary issues:
1) Sustainable Livelihoods: Research sub-topics include:
• Consumer behavior
• Employment and entrepreneurship
• Firm behavior
• Productivity and innovation
• Income and savings
• Vulnerability and well-being
• Livelihood strategies and outcomes
• Public spending and finance systems
• Trade management
2) Environment and Development
• Disaster risk management
• Resource management (water, land, natural resource)
• One Health Initiative
• Waste management and green economy
3) Policy and Governance
• Social policy
• Policy impact estimation
• Population studies
• Mobility and migration
 Gender and development
 Disability
Ideas should be linked to the priority themes indicated above. However, other proposals related to trends affecting national / regional sustainable development policy will also be considered.
Project Duration
The proposal projects will have maximum duration of two years.
IDPR-2019 /20 call Budget and Target
Projects co- funded (cash, in-kind) by partners/ stakeholders and/ or intended end-users of the results of the research project are HIGLY encouraged.

All proposals should be submitted by clearly stating the following:
1) Research proposal summary
Please provide a one –page executive summary, up to 500 words. The summary should include:
o Rational
o Objectives
o Methods, and
o Expected outcomes of the research project.
2) Background
Please provide a two- page background that includes literature reviews of previous studies on the subject, stating its importance and rational for proposing the study.
3) Objectives
Please state the overall aim expected to be achieved from this research and specific objectives which breakdown the general objective.
4) Methodology
Please describe activities and information on the general plan of work. The methodology section should clearly describe the study design, data sources, selection procedures, and specify the approach to research and methods used.
5) Time frame of proposal activities
Please indicate the activities to be conducted and the corresponding timing, including the submission of progress reports, first and final result drafts, as well as the final report including comments from review workshops.
6) Dissemination strategies
This should describe the possible strategies an plan for communicating the research results including policy briefs.
7) Reference List
Any references cited should be listed using standardized citation style.
8) Proposal budget with clear justifications
Please include the research project budget breakdown with according justifications.

The IDPR-2019/20 project proposals designed based on the specified guidelines shall be submitted online on Wolaita Sodo University Webpage ( or through our project proposal submission address
Please follow the steps here under for online submission:-
1. On the URL write— “” or directly write “”
2. For submission through --- at the right side at the top you can find “Online research submission” link inside the box of useful links.
3. Double click on the “Online research submission” link.
4. The online proposal submission page is browsed (which is similar page with direct entry of “” on the URL).
5. At the top right side, you find 2011 Proposal; and click on it.
6. The online proposal submission home page is browsed.
7. Fill all the provided spaces as per the request; and finally browse the file and upload it. The accepted format for documents is a “pdf”.
8. This cannot be undone, so make sure all your application information is correct before submitting.
9. We will send an acknowledgment when we receive your completed online application.

Note: Failure to submit using the instructions and specific guideline will lead to the rejection of your application